Unusual Sales Gimmicks

A catalog of hundreds of unusual sales gimmicks used by marketers and selling professionals world wide (plus comments on why some don't work.)


Give Away YOUR Book

By the pound more people turn to published authors for advice and information, almost every talking head interviewed has a book of their own. This unusual gimmick can put you miles ahead of average sales people, launching you to stardom in your industry. It's easy if you know how ...

Write a book about all the mistakes your non-buyers make choosing some other solution, include tips to avoid these mistakes. Focus on things your buyers should know that reinforces their decision, include customer stories, and give the book away for FREE. This task is easier than you think, the key is to focus on helping the reader make the right decisions.

Not as powerful, but you can even give away someone else's book or report with a cover letter, but it's best to write your own. When everyone else is schlepping business cards, you have a leave behind that sticks. Here's the secret: the book gets the prospect thinking about the right solution before you have a sales appointment (positioning you as an expert.)

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